Basic Plumbing Tools and their use

Tools Needed for Plumbing

Plumbing is a very important field of work because it deals with water pipes, water works and sanitary issues. Plumbers also install pipes, sprinkle systems and heating systems in commercial buildings or houses. Therefore you cannot ignore the role of plumbers in society. The plumbing work is very difficult and it requires certain skills and experience. You cannot perform the work of a plumber if you do not have sufficient experience and knowledge about it. The plumbing work requires a large number of tools and equipment to perform any task. The tools are required to deal with pipes and sprinkle systems. The most important plumbing tool is the wrench and it also is a symbol of the job. Plumbers provide leverage through this gadget. One end of this tool is about one foot long and the business end has an open ended mouth to catch the pipes and joints. The business end of this tool can be tightened or loosened. The main objective of this tool is to provide firm grip and leverage in order to loosen any part of a pipe. This tool is used to combine pipes with each other to form a network.

The next important plumbing tool is auger and it is used to remove any type of obstruction and debris from pipes. Some time debris or dirt prevent the normal flow of water in the water pipes therefore an auger is used to deal with such situations. There are two important types of augers and both have different physical appearance but the function is similar. The first type of auger is called drum and it is used for sinks. It is drum like in appearance and it contains a long cable inside the drum. The length of this cable may be different according to the type of drum. The second type of auger is used for toilets and it comes in the form of a rod like metallic container. These both tools are used to unclog the drains and pipes. The plunger is also important sanitary equipment and it is like a rubber cup with a small wooden handle on one side. This equipment is used to clear pipes and sinks. There are various types of plungers for the different occasions. The cup plunger is mainly used for sinks and tubs. On the other hand the flange plunger is designed for toilets.

The basic plumbing tools come in a different price range according to the income level of people. You should choose solid quality and a reliable brand of tools to avoid any problems later on. If you want to perform short term sanitary work it is better to choose the rental option because it is economical. Make sure to buy the right type of tools for plumbing work because most of the tools come in different shapes and size. Therefore you need to conduct a research about it and you can get help from any professional. It is not good to use the plumbing tools without the right knowledge and technique.